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Welcome To DeFi Bank Tycoon!

DeFi Bank Tycoon is a World Made Out of Money.
Fight, claw, finagle your way to becoming a DeFi Bank Tycoon, owning and managing your own financial empire!
Game play is simple.
Buy, trade, swap, do whatever you have to do to own as much Land and DeFi Banks as you can get your hands on.

Gamified Profit Sharing 

By holding Land Parcels and DeFi Banks and having a stash of DeFi Bank Tycoon Tokens (DBTYCOON Token) in your web3 wallet you can claim an ongoing share of 80% of the DeFi Bank Tycoon Game’s profits!

NFT’s For You, Bank President..

Land Parcel Deeds and DeFi Banks are NFT’s (Non Fungable Tokens).
The object of the game is to have an even amount of land Parcels and DeFi Banks. See Game Match Values for details.
One Land Parcel can be matched with one DeFi Bank.
The more matches you hold in your wallet the bigger profit share you can receive!


If you want to win at this game you need to act fast. Each NFT has a limited mint quantity and when they’re gone they’re gone.
Some will have more limited mints than others making them more rare and hence more valuable.

Buy, Hold or Sell

You’re the Big Boss Tycoon, you decide how you want to play the game.
Holding  some Land Parcels or Banks someone else is eager to get their hands on? Maybe a big sale is in your future!
Know someone who’s holding a bank you need to move up higher in the profit sharing pool, make an offer.

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Binance Smart Chain

All NFT’s and DBTYCOON Tokens are built on BSC (Binance Smart  Chain). You will Need BNB to buy and sell in DeFi Bank Tycoon. Rewards are paid in BNB.

DeFi Bank Tycoon Token: DBTYCOON

DeFi Bank Tycoon is Powered by the DBTYCOON Token.  Max Supply Only 311,622 DBTYCOON

 Contract address: 0x4f5580dd96d8e9f361955001ce47b862b02c52f7



How to buy DBTYCOON: Get some BNB. Head over to PancakeSwap and swap your BNB for DBTYCOON (You’ll probably need to input the contract address).


Q. Is there a way to play for free?

A. If you can figure out a way to get the game tokens and NFTs for free without trying to scam anyone, sure!  DeFi Bank Tycoon is a staking and trading crypto game. It pays out in BNB Coin directly to the winning Players crypto wallets. There’s no gambling involved because you can purchase any NFTs you like. Although it’s not gambling you can look at it like being able to buy your own poker hand. Please be sure to read our game playing doc here

Q. How do I get started?

A. You will  need a web3 wallet with BNB in it. We suggest a minimum of $25. Make sure you have at least the minimum amount of DBTYCOON Tokens. Join our Telegram Game Room for further instructions.

Q. Can I play if I’m not on Telegram?

A. Yes, but it will be much easier for you if you can join us on Telegram. It’s a very safe app you can use on your phone or laptop etc. If you don’t already have Telegram download it here

Although the Telegram app itself is safe there are a lot of scammers on Telegram. Be sure to follow all the crypto safety rules wherever you interact with crypto.