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 Banker Battle Royale

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In 234 AD, Chinese mathematician, Zheng Shoujng, developed the calculations for a card game that could be played and pay it’s winners forever. 
Unfortunately the rulers of the land at the time discovered Shoujing’s game being played in dark, secret card rooms throughout the provinces and declared anyone caught playing would be jailed for 45 years.
The players didn’t care though they kept playing in jail and became wealthy prisoners.



A total of only 6500 playing cards can be minted. 3,250 land parcels and 3,250 banks.
There could be a maximum total of only 77 winners each week who would each receive a share of 80% of the week’s game profits.
Those who hold cards and do not win can try to obtain more cards to try to win or make money buying and selling cards for profit.
Whenever cards are purchased in the game marketplace a 20% royalty is received by the game treasury. 80% is paid out every week to the winners.
And thus, the game now known around the world as DeFi Bank Tycoon, can be played now and forever thanks to Zheng Shoujing’s brilliant mathematical discovery.



“Math is like water. I don’t know why but it sounds very spiritual to say so.”
“Jail’s not so bad, I made forty two hundred dollars this week.”
“I’ll be one hundred and twenty five years old when they release me. At least I know the game will still be going.”
“I was really just trying to figure out a way to make enough money to open a noodle shop.”