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 Banker Battle Royale

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Current MINIMUM amount of  Game Points, Combos and DBTYCOON Tokens to be in the 77 and receive a Bank Dividend

30 Game Points

1 Combo


This section will be updated each week and is not guaranteed to be up to date so check in our Telegram group to confirm.

DeFi Bank Tycoon Card Values

Banks and Land Parcel Game Point Values are only counted in combination with each other. In other words, every 1 bank must have have 1 land parcel in order for the points to be counted. See How To Play for details.

Game Point Combo Value

Any 1 Land Parcel + any 1 Bank = Combined points of both items.


This is how the Pros get their game on.

Receive 100 Bonus Combo Points for each equally matched combo of 4. Equally matched means both bank and land parcel are the same Game Point Value.

EXAMPLE: 4 Blockchain Beach + 4 Diamond Hands Financial  = 100 Bonus Points,  8 Blockchain Beach + 8 Diamond Hands = 200 points.  12 Blockchain Beach + 12 Diamond Hands = 300 points, etc

Wallets must contain at least 1 DBTYCOON Token to qualify for any Bank Dividends. Ties are broken by wallet with most DBTYCOON Tokens. In case of wallets containing same points and same amount of DBTYCOON the wallet holding the DBTYCOON the longest is the tie breaker.

Please see Rules and How To Play for further details