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 Banker Battle Royale

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DeFi Bank Tycoon Token – DBTYCOON is our native coin and is the FUEL of our ecosystem. DBTYCOON is required for game play and serves multiple functions. Please see rules and how to play,
DBTYCOON’s very low max supply of only 311,622 tokens also makes it an ideal store of value for crypto investors.
How To buy DBTYCOON:
  1. Get some BNB from where you usually buy crypto from or check  here.
  2. Head over to PancakeSwap and swap your BNB for DBTYCOON.
DeFi Bank Tycoon is Powered by the DBTYCOON Token. 

Max Supply 311,622 DBTYCOON

 Contract address:

DBTYCOON, the amazing little digital token with the heart of a champ!