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 Banker Battle Royale

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sir alfred

Sir Alfred Wembalty Muxmyre III

Former President of Lloyds Banking Group of Great Britain. 
The Board of Lloyds fired Sir Alfred when he insisted that DeFi (Decentralized Finance) was the future and that Lloyds Banking Group overhaul their traditional banking system to a fully Decentralized system.
After his dismissal from Lloyds, Muxmyre founded DeFi Bank Tycoon. And the rest is history.


Quotes from Sir Alfred:

“A bank is only as good as it’s customers. The customer must always come first (as long as they have lots of money).
“Why would anyone trust a brick and mortar bank when they can use DeFi and be their own bank.”
“Maybe there is still room for traditional banks.” (He said this after his Trust Wallet on his phone was hacked for $3.7 Million.)
“Some people are born rich, others have to play the DeFi Bank Tycoon Game.”