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 Banker Battle Royale

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Ready For More DeFi Bank Tycoon Action?

Banker Battle Royale is where DeFi Bank Tycoons put their money (in this case our native token DBTYCOON) where their mouths are.

To play Banker Battle Royale you will need 5 things:

# A Banker Battle Royale Season Pass*.
# At least 1 of our current Battle Cards.
# DeFi Bank Tycoon Game Cards (minimum 2 of any of our Game Cards, but the more cards the better).
# DBTYCOON Tokens (5 per game).
# BNB (to purchase the game items*).
*Season 1 Pass is FREE if you have at least 1 game card combo.

Our First Banker Battle Royale Game: Texas Tycoon

Season 1 Game 1 is starting with the exciting game Texas Tycoon.
If you’re familiar with the poker game Texas Holdem you’ll find some similarities to Texas Tycoon.
Texas Tycoon is all about getting as many of the same cards in your hand as possible. ALL cards in Texas Tycoon have the same value. 
In Texas Tycoon a player with the lowest point cards can beat a player with the highest point cards because, again, all cards have the same point value.

>> Texas Tycoon game has now officially ended. <<

Stay tuned for the next Banker Battle Royale game starting soon.

Texas Tycoon Results

How To Play Texas Tycoon

Texas Tycoon is a 5 Round Tournament. Each player chooses any 2 cards that they own to play. These are your 2 ‘hole’ cards.
There are 5 rounds of play in the Texas Tycoon Tournament so you will choose which 2 hole cards to play in each round. You can play the same 2 hole cards in each round or if you own more than 2 cards you can choose up to 5 different sets of hole cards.
The Dealer will then spin a wheel containing all of our game cards five times. The 5 cards the wheel lands on are the ‘Community’ cards,
The objective is to match your 2 hole cards with as many of the community cards as possible.
So choose your 2 hole cards wisely.
At the end of the 5 rounds the top 20 Players will share all the DBTYCOON Tokens in the pot.
1st Place 30% of the DBTYCOON
2nd Place: 20% of the DBTYCOON
3rd Place: 15% of the DBTYCOON
4th Place 10% of the DBTYCOON
5th Place 6% of the DBTYCOON
6th Place 4% of the  DBTYCOON
7th to 20th Place 2% of the DBTYCOON each.
We will also have other Prizes available for winners and non-winners (Game Cards, Cash & more!)

Texas Tycoon Tournament Battle Cards

How to Win at Texas Tycoon

Game play is very simple. The only thing you need to consider is which 2 hole cards to play in each round.
Since all Game Cards have the same point value in Texas Tycoon, the object is simply to match your 2 hole cards to the 5 Community Cards.
The scoring is as follows:
Each Pair = 1 point
3 matched cards = 3 points
4 matched cards = 4 points
5 matched cards = 5 points
6 matched cards = 6 points
7 matched cards = 7 points
Your strategy of choosing your hole cards is important because 2 matching hole cards can get you the most points potentially but 2 separate hole cards may get you a better chance of getting a match. It’s up to you how you play the game.
You can purchase up to 8 Texas Tycoon Tournament Battle Cards.
Each Texas Tycoon Tournament Battle Card gets you one seat in the Tournament. 
So you can have up to 8 ‘seats’ but you will need to fill out a separate Tournament Form for each seat; a separate form for each Texas Tycoon Battle Card you own.
NOTE: Each tournament seat costs 1 Texas Tycoon Battle Card and 5 DBTYCOON Tokens.

Let's Play!

Ready to enter the Battle Arena?
If you already have Game Cards, Battle Cards and DBTYCOON Tokens you can start by filling out the Texas Tycoon Tournament Form. Remember, you will need to fill out one form for EACH Texas Tycoon Battle Card you own.
If you’re new an do not have Game Cards yet please start here to learn how to get them.

And be sure to join us in our Telegram Game Room (especially if you have any questions)

And let’s have some FUN!
Q. How much does it cost to play?
A. The Season 1 Pass is free if you own at least one Game Card Combo. Texas Tycoon Game Cards are $7.50 each in BNB. You need to be whitelisted to buy them so if you aren’t on the whitelist yet start here. DBTYCOON Tokens are currently around .50 cents each so 5 will cost about $2.50. 
Q. What’s the difference between Game Cards and Battle Cards?
A. Game Cards are Banks and Lands and are good forever. Battle Cards are good for one-time battles in Banker Battle Royale.
Q. I don’t understand how to fill out the form?
A. You can purchase up to 8 Texas Tycoon Battle Cards. For each Batttle Card you need to fill out 1 form. On the form you will see 5 Rounds and each Round is a separate ‘hand’ of Texas Tycoon. You choose which of any of the 2 Game Cards you own to play in each round.
Q. If I have 8 Texas Tycoon Battle Cards and  fill out a form for each one and each one costs 5 DBTYCOON Tokens do you I have to send the DBTYCOONS 5 at a time or can I send all 40 at one time?
A. You can send all 40 at one time.
Q. If I lose do I lose my Game Cards?
A. No, you will not lose your Game Cards. The only thing you can win or lose is DBTYCOON Tokens. If you’re one of the top 20 players you can win DBTYCOON.
If you have any other questions or need any help at all please  join us in our Telegram Game Room and someone will be happy to help you.