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 Banker Battle Royale

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There are FOUR SECTIONS to this page: How to Get Started; How to Play (multiple ways); How to Win (what you need to do); and Other Ways to Earn (besides playing the game).

DeFi Bank Tycoon is similar to the board game Monopoly. The big difference here is you can earn real money.

The other big difference is you don’t even have to play the game to potentially make money.



3 Steps to getting started:

Step 1.

DeFi Bank Tycoon runs on Binance Smart Chain. Our Game Cards and our Token (DBTYCOON) are on Binance Smart Chain. So you will need a web3 wallet (like Metamask or Trust Wallet) with enough BNB* to purchase game cards and DBTYCOON tokens. The amount you spend in the game is completely up to you based on how you want to play the game or cash in passively.

*If you do not have BNB  tokens or know how to get them you can buy or swap for it at most crypto exchanges.  If you still need help procuring BNB contact us in our Telegram group and someone will help you.

NOTE: If you’re stuck on step 1, Step 2 will be important for you because you can easily get your questions answered  in our Telegram* Game Room.

*If you don’t have Telegram you can download it here.

Step 2.

Join our Telegram Family Game Room here:


Step 3.

WHITELIST: Very important step

Add your web3 crypto BNB wallet address (example: Metamask or Trust Wallet  ) address on this form to get whitelisted to access our Game Market and Game Cards: Whitelist Form

VERY IMPORTANT: It’s helpful after you fill out the Whitelist form to just drop a comment in the Telegram group and say I just did the whitelist (or anything  like that). But we do update the Whitelist sporadically once or twice or more times per day. So if you try to buy in the marketplace and you can’t try again at a later time or drop a comment.

Please continue to HOW To Play:

How-To Play:

Multiple Semi-Passive and Very Passive Ways To Play and earn in DeFi Bank Tycoon Land

DeFi Bank Tycoon is a game of building a DeFi Bank Empire where you can potentially earn weekly bank dividends, a percentage of all the money that comes into the game (The DeFi Bank Tycoon Game Treasury Department – “The Treasury” – “Treasury Rewards” ).

The object of the game is to buy, sell, trade, finagle your way to becoming a DeFi Bank Tycoon owning as many DeFi Bank and Land Parcel Combos as possible.

If you don’t fancy playing games you can earn passively flipping banks and land parcels. More on that below.

To qualify to potentially earn weekly Bank Dividends you need to hold three things in your wallet:

Banks, Land Parcels and DBTYCOON Tokens

Each bank and each land parcel has a Game Point Value (GPV). 

The more GPV your wallet has the more valuable your DeFi Bank Tycoon Empire is.


Each bank requires a land parcel to be in qualification and vice versa. In other words you need bank and land parcel combinations. It can be any bank matched with any parcel.

 However you receive bonus points if the combos are exact point matches. See Game Card Values.


TIES:  In case of a tie where each player has the same points the winner is whoever also holds the most DBTYCOON tokens. And in case both players also have the same amount of tokens whoever has owned the tokens the longest wins.


As the game progresses holding as much DBTYCOON as possible will most likely be the edge you will need to cash in on the weekly payouts. 

                                                   Please continue to HOW TO WIN:

How To Win

Every week 80% of the Treasury’s BNB holdings are

paid out as Bank Dividends to the Top 77. The 77 Players whose wallets have the highest Game Point Value Score.

So the goal is to be one of the week’s 77 biggest DeFi Bank Tycoons to qualify for a dividend. But even if you’re not in the top 77 you can still make a killing in DeFi Bank Tycoon (see  below)




5% of the Treasury Payout goes to the top 2 Tycoons.  And 1% of the Treasury Payout goes to each of the rest of the qualifying Tycoons.


First Place (Biggest Tycoon) – 3%

2nd Place – 2%

The next 75 Players – 1% each

JUST ADDED: The top 20 Players for the week also each receive a 5% share of at least 300 DBTYCOON Tokens. 

                                      Please continue to OTHER WAYS TO EARN:

Other Ways to Earn In Defi Bank Tycoon


Even if you aren’t one of the top 77 players for the week (or even if you are) there are other very exciting ways also to make money in DeFi Bank Tycoon Game. Just buy and hold and get paid or buy and sell for profit. You own your properties and banks. We’ve taken the real world and dressed it in a colorful world of imagination..


You can potentially earn a lot of money simply by buying and selling DeFi Bank Tycoon NFT’s  (flipping). Remember, everyone is vying for one of the top 77 spots and you can build a lucrative  business supplying the land parcels and banks they need to win.

It’s simple and easy. You just get whitelisted to be a buyer here and then click the sell button on your cards in the market place.


You can also potentially earn  investing in  DBTYCOON Tokens. There is a maximum supply of only 311,622 DBTYCOON Tokens. DBTYCOON Token is the FUEL of DeFi Bank Tycoon


As we wind along the DeFi Bank Tycoon road map many contests, challenges and other excitement will be had by all.

Coming up soon 

Another exciting way to “make bank” in DeFi Bank Tycoon.
Banker Battle Royale!